Leadership Assembly

Leadership Assembly is an annual professional development program for volunteer leaders held on campus in the fall. We encourage you to read through the following FAQs to learn more.

Leadership Assembly FAQs

Is this in place of Leadership Council?

Leadership Assembly is the new name for Leadership Council. We changed the name of the event to better reflect the new purpose of this annual convocation of Barnard volunteer leaders.

Who is invited to this year’s Leadership Assembly and why?

Every class, every year, will send two representatives (one of whom serves as a fundraising officer for the class). Each regional club will send one representative. Those classes or clubs who have a wealth of officers will have the opportunity to rotate representation each year.

Every class will be represented every year which will allow for greater continuity and ensure the College reaches the entire network of alumnae every year. Barnard wants to keep its volunteers invested and interested every year, not just immediately before and after Reunion.

Why should I come to Leadership Assembly?

Delegates to Leadership Assembly will be responsible for sharing what they learn on campus with their class or club as well as communicating their group’s concerns back to the College. The new inclusive composition of the group and the more intimate setting should enable a smoother and more effective flow of information between the College and all of our volunteers each year, allowing everyone to be heard and well-informed.

With our president settled in and a new building recently opened, this is an exciting time at Barnard and the College wants to engage the alumnae community in an ongoing dialogue. Leadership Assembly also serves to strengthen the intergenerational connection among alumnae and encourages alumnae leaders to learn from one another.

What will happen Thursday and Friday? Do I have to attend both days?

Thursday will feature dinner and roundtable discussions for 3 groups: fundraisers, class officers, and regional leaders.  Friday’s program includes panels, guest speakers, and lunch with President Spar. The afternoon will feature concurrent sessions which may include an admissions update, panel discussions, and other opportunities to connect with faculty and staff. The Assembly will close with a festive reception.

It is important to attend both days to get the full experience of Leadership Assembly. Friday’s program will build upon Thursday night's group discussions.

Where can I stay? Are discounts available for transportation?

Details on making hotel reservations will be emailed to confirmed delegates. If you would like to share a room with an alumna the Alumnae Relations office can help facilitate that.

Alumnae Relations
3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

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