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Please settle in and make yourself comfortable. This is your new home for all news, events, groups, conversation, and networking for Barnard Alumnae. We hope you like it. But before you tour the website, let us tell you some of the things you can expect to find here.

My Profile

Reunion 2009 - Alumnae Network Training

My Profile, which is a link you will find under your name once you log in, is where you can edit your alumnae profile, view your list of friends, upload photos, view your groups, create a blog, and add class notes. Here you can choose how much or how little information about yourself you want to make public for other alumnae to see. No one except Barnard alumnae and staff will see this information.

Edit Account

Edit Account, also found under your name once you log in, is where you can update your personal contact info, update your resume or business contact info, update your education information, or your spouse and family information.


Barnard is a rich network of communities. In this area of the website, you will find ways to access the communities you belong to, as well as, makes new connections with alumnae who share your interests.

The Alumnae Directory is a tool you can use to find the profiles of other alumnae. Old friends, roommates, and teammates can be found by searching for them by name or class year. Alumnae with whom you may want to network professionally or regionally can be found by searching in specific industries or cities.

Groups are a way for alumnae with shared interests to connect. Every group has a shared space to post comments and updates, events, photos, and even conduct chats. If you can't find a group that covers your interest, you can create your own group and invite your friends to join!

Class Notes is where you can post your own class notes. The website has no limit on length of class notes, so you can add as much and as often as you like. You can also see more information and detail about what your classmates are doing.

The Message Boards are dedicated to conversations that are important to alumnae. If there's a topic you want to discuss, head to the message boards to see if others are already taking about it. If not, start the topic yourself!


Here you will find a number of tools to find a job or help other alumnae begin their careers.

Career Tools allow you to search for a job, post your resume to the Alumnae Network, create a business webcard, post a job opening at your company, or sign up to become a mentor.

Here you will also find links to the Career Development Office, the Professional Leadership Development Committee, and Barnard Business and Professional Women.


From Academic Benefits to Discounts, this area of the site will tell you all you need to know to make the most of your alumna status.

Programming is a large part of what the College does to stay connected with its alumnae. From Reunion and Regional Programming to Financial Fluency and Project Continuum, Barnard's Office of Alumnae Affairs supports a host of program for your benefit.


Events for all of Barnard's alumnae programming can be found here.


All of the latest alumnae news, features, and electronic versions of the Barnard Alumnae magazine can be found here.


The Help area of the site offers a number of resources to guide you through using this site. In this area there are posted a number of print-ready PDFs to help you use different tools. There are also video Tutorials to guide you, and a Help Blog maintained by the Alumnae Network webmaster for tips on how to get the most out of the website.

Take some time to look around, build your profile and take full advantage of this great new site!