Barnard Alumnae Admissions Representatives (BAAR)

Recruit Barnard's next generation

BAARs play a crucial role in increasing Barnard's visibility and spreading the word about the College to exceptional women worldwide. This role will provide you with the unique opportunity to stay connected to the College as you help recruit the newest members of the Barnard family.

Most BAAR activity takes place between September and December, with minimal activity in the spring and summer months. Participation in the BAAR program requires a relatively small time commitment. During the fall, you may be called upon to participate in a nearby college fair and you will start to receive off-campus interview assignments, usually one to five interviews in a season. In general, BAARs spend no more than one or two hours a month completing their duties.

Interested in volunteering as a BAAR? Let us know by filling out this form! We generally train new BAARs from May to August so someone from our office will touch base with you directly at that time.

If you have any questions about the BAAR program, please contact Irma Encarnacion, Senior Admissions Officer, at

A Profile of the Class of 2020

Who Applied and Who Was Admitted

Applications: 7,071 (+6% from previous year)
Number Admitted: 1,179
Percentage Admitted: 16%
Enrolled: 606 (as of 8/1/16)

What Admitted Students Scored

Median SAT: 2090
Average GPA (100-pt): 94.9
Average GPA (4.0): 3.9
Ranked in first decile: 79%

Where Enrolled Students Come From

States represented: 41
From New York: 23%
Countries represented: 30
International citizens: 8%
Top countries: China, UK, Korea, India

How Students Describe Their Ethnic Backgrounds

African American: 7.4%
American Indian/Native American: 2%
Asian/Asian American: 20%
Latina: 12%
White: 54%
Unknown: 5%

Legacy Students

37 students have Barnard mothers
6 students have Barnard grandmothers
27 students have Barnard sisters

87 Transfer Students From

17 states (Arizona, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington)
9 foreign countries (Canada, France, Japan, Kazakhstan, People's Republic of China, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Republic of Singapore, Thailand)