You asked, we answered!

Below you will find a selection of the most common questions asked by alumnae regarding the website as well as other topics. If you don't see your question answered here, please contact Alumnae Relations at alumnaerelations@barnard.edu or call 212.854.2005.

How do I update my contact information?

To update your contact information, you can either email alumrecords@barnard.edu or update it online by clicking here.

What do I need my Barnard ID number for? Where do I find it?

You will need your Barnard ID number to get your Barnard ID Card as well as to register for the alumnae website. You can find your ID number in two easy to locate places.

  1. The address box of your Barnard Magazine, mailed to your home four times a year.

  2. The bottom of your Network Notes e-newsletter, emailed to all alumnae twice a month.

I just moved to a new area, how do I get in touch with alumnae there?

Visit the Regional Clubs section of the website, find a club that corresponds to your area, and reach out the the regional leader. If you don't see a club that corresponds to the location, you can reach out to alumnaerelations@barnard.edu for more information on alumnae in that area. You can also use the online alumnae directory to search for alumnae in a specific area.

How do I find alumnae with whom I can network online?

The best way to network with alumnae is to use LinkedIn. You can search the College community as a whole, or join the Barnard Alumnae and Affiliates closed group. You can learn more about how to use the platform here.

Another option is to use the Alumnae Directory. Here you can search by name, class year, and other useful categories. Please bear in mind however, that if the profile of an alumna you found by searching does not show any contact information, it may be because she has not volunteered to be contacted.

How do I submit a class note? Will this end up in Barnard Magazine?

To submit a class note, either email your class correspondent or fill out this online form. Notes submitted online will be forwarded to the class correspondent.

Submitting class notes columns to Barnard Magazine is the responsibility of each class correspondent, and which notes are selected is their choice.

How do I search for or post job openings?

The Office of Career Development uses a website called NACElink. On this site, all alumnae can register for an account where you can search for job openings as well as post job openings at your company. This site is also used by current Barnard students.