Leadership Assembly

The annual Barnard volunteer conference

Leadership Assembly, the annual meeting of Barnard volunteer leaders from across the Alumnae Association, serves to disseminate information about the College and act as a forum for discussion and training on alumnae activities and communities.

For this program, class officers select two representatives from each class to attend and regional clubs send a representative as well. In addition, the Alumnae Association Board of Directors (each serving as a representative of the committee she chairs) and the Nominating Committee (who meet before during and after the event to nominate alumnae for leadership positions) attend each year.

Past Leadership Assembly programs have included updates about recent developments and future plans for the College such as introducing the Diana Center and the Athena Center; reporting on student and alumnae news and curriculum developments; exchanging valuable information and learning from other peer volunteers; honing skills as a knowledgeable, committed Barnard leader; hearing news of the College’s recent progress directly from the administrative and faculty leaders; networking with other alumnae leaders; and gathering useful tools and insight to aid in volunteer work.

For more information, contact alumnaerelations@barnard.edu or call 212.854.2005