Why Volunteer

Alumnae from every generation give back to the College in a wide range of capacities. From service on committees to hosting events to mentoring students, every volunteer has their reasons. What's yours? Tell us why you support Barnard by emailing alumnaerelations@barnard.edu.

Anastasia Andrzejewski ’97

Director-at-Large; Chair, Alumnae Website Advisory Committee (AWAC)

"Volunteering empowers me to remain actively connected to Barnard—an institution that has been so important in shaping me, encouraging me, and inspiring me."

Shilpa Bahri ’99

Chair, Reunion Committee; President, Class of 1999

"I volunteer because it gives me a second chance at Barnard."

Joan Freilich ’63

Co-President, Class of 1963

"Barnard alumnae have a special bond. Through my volunteer activities I've continued to make good friends and enjoy good fellowship with a wonderful group of bold and beautiful Barnard women."

Francine Glick ’77

Vice President, AABC; Vice President, Class of 1977

"I volunteer for Barnard because I am passionate about the College. Every time I speak with students, I realize what incredible women they are. I am inspired by my fellow bright and intellectually stimulating Barnard volunteers."

Kathleen Christatos ’07

Co-President, Barnard Club of Chicago; member, Class of 2007 Reunion Planning Committee.

"I volunteer because I love Barnard! I enjoy spending time with other alumnae, and being engaged with the College brings back great memories and creates new ones!"

Faith Rusk ’10

Member, Alumnae Website Advisory Committee

"Barnard has given me so much; volunteering is one of the ways I give a little back. Volunteering for Barnard keeps me connected to the College and connects me with so many amazing Barnard women!"

LaVergne Trawick ’69

Member, Alumnae Website Advisory Committee; Former Fund Chair, Class of 1969

"I volunteer in gratitude for Barnard's role in helping me achieve personal and professional goals. I also value the friendships I made there more and more as the years roll by. It's great to stay connected and reconnect!"