Host an Event

Host a Barnard alumnae gathering in your area

With Barnard's global population growing, it is always important for alumnae to be connecting wherever they go. Below are resources and information for you to get connected!

Connect with your local Barnard club

Alumnae regional leaders are your best resource for getting involved with Barnard in your area. Check out the list of Barnard Alumnae Regional Clubs. If there is already a club in your region, connect with the listed club leader for more information about ongoing activities and how to participate.

If there is not a club in your region, reach out to Alumnae Relations

Alumnae Relations will help to guide the overall planning for any Barnard alumnae get together. The Manager of Regional & International Engagement will be able to tell you more about Barnard in your area:

  • How many alumnae live in your region
  • How many current student families are in the area
  • Professors that might be visiting soon
  • Any other pertinent information to your region

Contact Elissa Verrilli ’11, Manager of Regional and International Engagement, at or call 646.745.8313.

Planning your event

Events initiated and planned by clubs can range from casual gatherings, social events, and book clubs to fundraising events or selecting a keynote speaker for an academic program. No matter what kind of event you are interested in, contact the local club leader to get started. The club leader will connect with the Alumnae Relations Manager to facilitate planning and communications.

For optimal planning:

  • Finalize event details at least eight weeks in advance.
    Once your event details are finalized, submit them to Alumnae Relations who can help you get the word to alumnae in your area.

  • Start small and grow!
    Great first events should be easy, low cost, and casual.

  • Go back to Barnard... in a Box!
    Two weeks before your event, Alumnae Relations will send you a box of Barnard goodies to make your event burst with Barnard pride.

  • Share the Barnard love!
    Tag Barnard Alumnae on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and post pictures for all alumnae to see!

Start by reaching out!