Social Media

Stay engaged with Barnard whenever, wherever

Below is a list of social media platforms you can use to connect to the College and each other.


By liking Barnard Alumnae on Facebook, you can stay up to date on news, events, and content from around the Barnard and Columbia communities.


Following Barnard Alumnae on Instagram will help you feel connected to the College and each other with photos of campus, friends, and memories.


Considering a career change? Looking for networking or business connections? Use LinkedIn to engage professionally with the Barnard community.


Follow Barnard Alumnae on Twitter and get a feed of alumnae in the news as well as events, content, and more.


Visit the Barnard Alumnae Flickr page to browse and download photos from alumnae events both locally and regionally.


Relive experiences at the Barnard Alumnae YouTube page, where you can watch videos of events, lectures, and more.

Alumnae Group Social Media

Make sure to visit your regional group or class page for information on social media pages for your alumnae group.

More College Social Media

Barnard has so many communities and networks to follow. Make sure to search "Barnard" on your favorite social media platforms to stay engaged with what's going on around campus and beyond.